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7791 Waynetowne Blvd, Huber Heights, OH 45424

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Sammy had a great experience with dental implants.


Ray can eat anything with his Snap Dentures.


Lawrence loves his new best fit dentures.


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Dental Implants

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Root Canal Treatment

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Rountine Dental Care

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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How do me make dentistry affordable?

Dentistry can be expensive, but we are dedicated to making all of our services affordable. Here are our approaches:  

1).      We are in network with most of the commercial insurances. In network dentists mean lower fees and more coverage by your insurance. Want to check if we are in network with your insurance? Click here

2)       We use advanced technology. Traditional dentistry includes many redundant procedures/steps, leading to more unnecessary visits, lengthy appointment, of course more expensive dentistry. Our advanced technology can eliminate those unnecessary steps, provide more efficient treatment, also make our service affordable. 

3)       Payment plan. Many dental services, e.g. dental implants, need multiple stage treatments. Instalments payments make dentistry fitting your budget.

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“There is no weaponry in the feminine armoury to which men are so vulnerable as they are to a smile.”

- Dorothy Dix

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